What does the tutor application consist of? Read more

The first step is to fill out our pre-application form. Once your pre-application has been reviewed you can then start our comprehensive application. It contains of the application itself, a host family letter, a picture collage, a medical report from your doctor, 1 character reference and a police clearance report. After you have submitted your application, we will conduct a short interview by Skype before releasing your application to our registered and screened host families.

Why should I become a tutor in Germany with Ayusa? Read more

Our program has a lot of benefits to offer. If you become a tutor with Ayusa you will be supported all along the way and you will have a very safe experience. Our agency visits each host family in person and helps you with settling in. You will also sign a contract with the host family which details all duties and rights of each party for your own protection. For up to 15 hours of tutoring per week you will receive free room and board, a public transportation card and airport pick up/drop off. Our local Ayusa representative will visit you at your host family’s home 2 weeks after your arrival. She will also organize meetings on a regular basis and will help you with any questions or queries you might have during your stay.

What if I become homesick while in Germany? Read more

Homesickness can be quite tough to deal with at first and some tutors may find the first few weeks of their program challenging. Our Ayusa representatives understand this very well, and will be there to support and advise you as you adjust. It also often helps to get out of the house during your free time and meet up with other participants in your area. Talking with them and hearing how they have managed to overcome homesickness, and how much they are enjoying their stay now in Germany can also help you remember why it is that you wanted to come to Germany in the first place. Remember, ups and downs are normal when living in a foreign culture. It takes time to adjust to another lifestyle but in the end it’s always worth sticking to it. Imagine the sense of achievement you will feel!

How long does the application process take normally? Read more

It always depends on each applicant but the application itself can be completed within a matter of days. The additional documents such as a basic police check, medical record and obtaining a character reference can take a little longer but should not take more than four weeks.

How long is the tutor program for? Read more

The minimum duration for tutoring in Germany is 1 month. Since it´s a visa free program, you can stay for a maximum of 90 days and then must leave the country. If you are from Europe, you can stay longer if required.

How long does it take to match with a host family after I have submitted my application? Read more

Depending upon your qualifications, it can take as little as one or two weeks for you to match with a family. Once you are matched, you and your host family will agree on a start date in order for you to book a flight.

Why may I not be paid for tutoring? Read more

In order to earn money in Germany, you must have a work permit. Since this is not an option for tutors, there may not be a payment between host family and tutor. The tutor receives other benefits in exchange for their tutoring.

Do I have to live with a family as an a tutor? Read more

Yes. Tutoring means providing live-in tutoring for a host family in a foreign country. It also gives the tutor the fantastic opportunity to really get to know the German way of life.

Can I leave the tutor program early? Read more

German host families rely on their tutor to be committed and to stay with them for the entire length agreed on in the contract. Usually the time frame is short enough that even little issues do not lead to match terminations.

What types of families join the tutor program and how do they qualify for the program? Read more

Ayusa host families are usually hard-working, friendly, busy, and want the best for their children. They participate in the program because they want their children to learn English and more about a different culture, and look forward to sharing their home with an international tutor. Ayusa carefully screens all families who apply to the program including an in-home interview with an Ayusa representative. Host families must agree not to schedule the tutor to teach more than 15 hours per week.

Do I need to speak German to be able to become a tutor Germany? Read more

No. Of course, it does prove helpful to know some basics in the beginning when trying to bond with the children. But it´s not a program requirement. Most host families speak really good English.

What are my responsibilities and duties as a tutor? Read more

As a tutor in Germany you have the fantastic opportunity to experience first-hand the German Way of life by living with a host family. In exchange you will provide personalized tutoring for your family's children for up to 15 hours per week.


Where in Germany do host families live? Read more

We currently place tutors in the following exciting German cities and their surroundings: Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe / Heidelberg, Essen, Hannover, Bielefeld, Stuttgart, Ulm and Munich. In each of these regions we have local representatives who are qualified and fully trained and often have been living abroad once themselves. They will be your main point of contact during your stay. They will meet you in your host family’s home within the first 2 weeks after your arrival and organize meetings on a regular basis so you can get in touch with other participants in your region.

How can I apply to become a tutor with Ayusa? Read more

If you fulfill all the requirements to become a tutor, please send us an email at tutor@ayusa-germany.org to ask for further information or fill out the application on this website. The requirements are: between 18-99 years, English- Frensch or Spanish native speaker, passport that does not require a visa for Germany, previous tutor experience.

What do I gain from being a tutor in Germany? Read more

You will gain so much from it! The majority of tutors state that they have gained more independence, maturity and self-confidence from their stay in Germany. They have had the chance to get to know another culture, make friends with participants from other countries and discover hidden talents within themselves. Staying abroad for an extended period of time is also a great way to enhance future careers options as tutors learn to adapt and adjust to a new lifestyle, to be flexible and to further develop intercultural competencies.

Can I be placed in a certain area in Germany? Read more

Ayusa places tutors in areas where there are other participants, too. For a list of these areas please see the answer to the question above. Our main objective is to help a tutor find a compatible host family. While we will certainly try to accommodate your request for a particular region, placement may take longer than usual. The best way of finding your “perfect” host family is to stay as open-minded and flexible as possible. As a tutor you will be spending the next 1 to 3 months with your host family, therefore we encourage all our participants to accept a match based on the individual family rather than on their location. From experience we know that the success of a placement is not determined by the area where the tutor is living but how well the tutor gets on with the family. While some places in Germany like i.e. Berlin are probably more familiar to tutors, all parts of the country are interesting, and each has its own advantages. The country has a lot to offer and as a tutor you may be surprised to discover cities or regions that you didn't know about before. You will have a chance to visit other parts of Germany during your free time.