What are the duties as an au pair in Germany?

Your responsibilities as an au pair are established by the German government and as such you will not be expected to perform tasks that include heavy manual labor such as yard work, etc.. Many German families hire additional help such as cleaning services to assist with maintaining their home. The main responsibility of the au pair is to provide quality childcare.

Depending on the age of the children and the specific needs of the host family the duties can vary and may include:

  • Playing with the children and keeping them safe

  • Teaching the children English or advancing their existing English language skills

  • Preparing simple meals and snacks for the children

  • Taking & picking up the children to/from school and kindergarten 

  • Helping school aged children with homework

  • Bathing and getting the children dressed

  • Entertaining the children and teach them about your culture

  • Taking the children on outings to parks, playgroups and other activities

  • Traveling with your host family on vacations and providing care for their children

Your host family is likely to also ask you to perform the following household duties that are childcare related:

  • Keeping the children’s room clean and tidy

  • Doing the kids laundry and putting it away afterwards

  • Keeping your own room neat and tidy

  • Do some vacuuming and moping, especially in the area where the kids have eaten their food

  • Helping out with grocery shopping once in a while

  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher

  • Taking out the trash and emptying the diaper bin

Your benefits from being an au pair

There are many benefits to becoming an au pair in Germany with Ayusa. Not only will you make new friends, improve your German and gain valuable work experience as you care for your host family’s children, there are many other benefits available when you become an au pair with us. Financial benefits are of course very important; after all you want to know what you will earn looking after children for up to 30 hours a week. However, do keep in mind that the financial rewards are not the only thing you receive for your role as an au pair!

  • Earn a monthly stipend of 280€ plus an additional 90€ educational allowance to use for attending a German language course
  • This adds up to 370€ a month - being the highest monthly au pair salary earned with a German au pair agency!
  • Access to transportation (either monthly pass for local public transportation or a car)
  • Free flight to Germany, including all connecting flights to your host family if you commit to a program length of 12 months
  • Free return flight to your home country, given that you have successfully completed a 12 months stay with the same host family
  • All-inclusive comprehensive insurance package for the entire length of the program, including health, accident and third party liability insurance
Vacation & free time
  • Receive 2 paid vacation days per month, equaling approx. 2 weeks for a 6 month stay and approx. 4 weeks for a 12 months commitment
  • Minimum of 1.5 free days per week and 1 completely free weekend per month
  • Your working hours (maximum of 6 hours per day and 30 hours per week) are established by German law for your protection
  • Placement with a carefully screened German host family
  • Private room and full board provided by your host family
  • Support before and during your stay through our Ayusa staff and local representatives
  • Arrival meeting with your local representative
  • Regular organized meetings with your local representative and other au pairs in your area
  • 24-hour emergency phone number operated by staff members
  • Certificate of completion for your participation in the program
Contract & Visa
  • Sponsorship of your au pair visa in Germany through your host family
  • Contract between au pair and host family for your protection, laying out the rights and responsibilites of both parties

Sounds good to you?

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