Ayusa high school exchange programs

The Ayusa high school exchange program allows you to spend an unforgettable time in the heart of Europe. As an Ayusa exchange student you can choose to stay in Germany between 2 months and an academic year. You live the life of a German teenager, experience the German culture in your host family and attend a local public high school.

Why study German?

German is spoken by 109 million people worldwide! More Europeans are native speakers of German than of English, French, Italian, or Spanish.

Ayusa host families

Hostfamily Ayusa e.V. Germany
Ayusa family with students

German host families are eager to welcome international students and share their history and customs. The Ayusa families live all across the country. So, your home could be a town in the Alps or on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Families are typically very active and enjoy outdoor activities including: biking, hiking, swimming, skiing and playing tennis. The cultural arts, especially music and theater are well supported in Germany. Even the smallest cities have festivals, musical performances and social events for you and your family to enjoy. As a teenager in Germany, you might find you have a bit more independence than you would at home. Communication and mutual respect are important in developing a close relationship with your host family.

German high schools

The German school system is divided into three types of schools that lead students toward a vocational or academic future. Ayusa exchange students generally attend what is called the Gymnasium or Gesamtschule. This is a secondary school that provides a comprehensive general education for all students seeking entrance to university.

School subjects are divided into three general categories: language, literature and art; the social sciences; and mathematics, science and technology. Students are required to take classes in each of these three categories. There are also typical subjects such as music, art and physical education. All classes are conducted in German. Most leisure and sports oriented activities are organized by local clubs and not through the school.

Sounds good to you?

Check our the requirements and the program costs. We are excited for you to take the next step!

We also offer shorter programs in Germany:

Short Term Programs

We also offer shorter programs for high school students from all around the world. Contact us to learn more about a 1-4 week stay in Berlin, the capital of Germany!