Do I need to be vaccinated against Covid-19? Read more

Yes, all participants (host families and students) need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Where do host families in Germany typically live? Read more

Ayusa host families live all over the country. You might be living in a big city, a small town, near the sea or in the mountains. 

What if I have a problem or get homesick during my stay? Read more

Moving to a new country, having a new family and going to a new school can be overwhelming at times! With the help of your local Ayusa representative, your host family and other participants in your area, you will quickly become comfortable and adapt to your new surroundings. If you have a problem during your stay with your host family it is very important to first try to sort it out directly with them. As always, communication is the key! However, if the problem persists or you do not know how to address it with your host family you can always turn to your local Ayusa representative for support and advice.

Will I meet other exchange students during my stay in Germany? Read more

Yes, you will. All students coming for a semester or the academic year program are given a full weekend orientation upon arrival in Berlin or another big city in Germany, where you also meet other exchange students from around the world.

What are the requirements I have to meet? Read more
  • Basic German language skills (minimum A2 skills)

  • 15-18 years old at the start of the program

  • Fully vaccinated for Covid-19 and measles

You can find all requirements you need to meet here.


Do I need to speak German to be able to become an exchange student? Read more

Yes, you need basic german language skills (minimum A2 skills) in order to come to Germany. The more german you learn before your arrival, the easier it will be for you to understand your host family, teachers and friends.